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Rangpur City

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Bangladesh is a country with lots of places to visit, many of which offer unforgettable experiences but remain relatively unknown to the rest of the world. Dhaka (the Capital) is a pulsing, gritty conglomerate, one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

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Dhaka City Tourism: Best of Dhaka City

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A Dawn at Khulna University

Bangladesh Bank building in Rangpur The city is the commercial hub for the surrounding districts. The city centre has number of government and private banks, insurance companies, residential hotels, Chinese and Indian restaurants, fast food, sweet shops, gift shop and many more. It is one of the most important economic zones in Bangladesh, because of its global positioning. Rangpur town hall Main article: It was the earlier high court building established in called the Tajhat, a former zamindar ‘s palace.

After the end of the British Raj , the building was abandoned and decayed rapidly, although it was used for a few years as a courthouse during the s.

Dinajpur, city, northwestern lies on the Punarbhaba River, just northeast of the border with Sikkim state in India.. Dinajpur is located on a flat alluvial plain intersected by rivers and broken by the slightly elevated Barind region. It is an important rice-, wheat-, jute-, and sugarcane-growing zone.

The friendship of light and dark was beautiful as always. So, I captured a number of images from darkness to light. In front of Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah Hall. This place is always loved by the students for gossips and dating. The road to Khan Bahadur Ahsanullnah Hall. An ordinary pitch road becomes marvelous while dating with darkness. Khan Bahadur Ahsanullnah Hall. An ongoing work of some students from Sculpture Department.

There was a lot of great work on the corridor.

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Other Khulna Cities:{/CAPCASE} The Human Sustainable City: The proposed route for Moitri Express 2 is from Kolkata to Khulna. The city, in combination with localities forming the wider metropolitan area, is home to an estimated 1.

Rice appears to have been used by the Early Neolithic populations of Lijiacun and Yunchanyan in China. One was the use of cast iron tools and beasts of burden to pull plows, and the other was the large-scale harnessing of rivers and development of water conservation projects. Sunshu Ao of the 6th century BC and Ximen Bao of the 5th century BC are two of the earliest hydraulic engineers from China, and their works were focused upon improving irrigation systems.

During the Eastern Jin — and the Northern and Southern Dynasties — , land-use became more intensive and efficient, rice was grown twice a year and cattle began to be used for plowing and fertilization. Such large-scale internal migration was possible due to introduction of quick-ripening strains of rice from Vietnam suitable for multi-cropping.

India[ edit ] Paddy fields prior to planting in Andhra Pradesh , India India has the largest paddy output in the world and is also the fourth largest exporter of rice in the world. In India, West Bengal is the largest rice producing state.

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A piece of shredded plastic can be pulled across the opening for privacy. The sewage from the drop toilet feeds through a pipe directly into a shallow canal that leads to the river. They are all dumping sewage. Khulna, the third largest city in Bangladesh, has a population of 1. People simply lack the knowledge about pathogens and all the health issue associated with the faecal sludge.

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