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Early life A young Stan explores his hometown alongside his brother. Stan also faced frequent bullying due to his weak appearance as a child, most notably from childhood foe Crampelter. This eventually inspired their father to force the twins into taking boxing lessons, as a means of toughening them up and giving them the strength to overcome their tormentors. Stan and Carla “Hotpants” McCorkle. Stan’s teenage years were initially pleasant, frequenting the 50’s-themed Juke Joint with then-girlfriend Carla McCorkle [2] and building their ship – named the Stan o’ war – with Ford, as they hoped to fulfill their childhood dreams of sailing around the world searching for adventure. His aspirations began to crumble near the end of senior year, when Stanford’s intellect attracted the interest of West Coast Tech a prestigious college on the other side of the country, which meant he’d move away from him , and with Carla ending their relationship over her infatuation with hippie musician Thistle Downe. Stan would later confess to having driven Downe’s van into a ravine in an act of revenge, which only served to further alienate Carla from him. As his Toffee Peanuts bag was found at the machine’s display, Ford accused Stan of sabotage, driving a wedge between the twins and prompting their father to disown Stan for losing them the “potential millions” Ford’s scientific achievements would’ve reaped.

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Since my history with the app stretches back to when I first came out (and first started using dating/hookup services), the logs got more embarrassing the further I went back.

Cheza in Wolf’s Rain is very pretty. She’s also blind, and weak-bodied, but that never seems to trouble her. Of course, being not quite human she doesn’t have any romantic interests, except for Kiba and he’s a wolf. Kagura was initially only trying to get Sesshomaru to kill Naraku for her and free her, but eventually fell in love with him somewhere along the line. Sesshomaru spends most of the story with a missing left arm but he’s so powerful, his disability barely hinders him in fact, he eventually admits it’s made him stronger than he used to be.

Part of why Kagura falls for him is precisely because he’s so powerful even despite the disability. Sesshomaru is implied to have feelings for Kagura as well. In Puella Magi Madoka Magica , Sayaka’s crush and childhood friend Kyosuke Kamijou got into an accident which included the loss of mobility in his hand as well as difficulty to walk and is bedridden because of it.

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Here is an excerpt — the Prologue. This, he determined, might be an error. This could be a trap sprung by the agents of the Intelligence Bureau who were searching for him so assiduously. Inwardly Kit cursed himself for his greed but he needed the money:

Summary: Dipper and Mabel were sent for the summer to live with their uncle Sebastian to his house in the woods. There was something different with him though; with his triangular eyepatch, his sharp teeth, the yellow clothes he always wore or how he seemed to be hiding something from them.

As described by Nina Hopkins , his tailor, Ciel has a “wonderfully proportioned body. Ciel nearly always wears a black eye-patch made of gauze [12] with a single cord over his right eye to hide the location of his Faustian contract with Sebastian Michaelis. However, while in disguise, he wears a white patch that resembles a transdermal patch , which fastens over his ear with two cords.

Ciel sports two rings: It is a one-of-a-kind family heirloom that had been passed down for generations. Upon his return, the seal was given to him by Angelina Dalles , who told him that it was the only ring that had not been destroyed in the fire that killed his parents. As the Earl of the Phantomhive house and a distinguished nobleman, Ciel is very strict, proud, and accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. As a result, he has considerable difficulty dressing himself up and doing household chores if left on his own.

Ciel often finds it entertaining to challenge Sebastian in areas of both strength and skill. Furthermore, Ciel has a relatively cold outlook on life. His main goal is for those who have betrayed the Phantomhive family to experience the same level of humiliation and suffering he did.

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He later worked alongside the Paradise Lost Army in their anti-Patriot activities, but was captured and forced to undergo heavy cybernetic experimentation. Contents Biography Early life and career Jack was born on a rainy day in Liberia. During his youth, in the turbulent period that was the First Liberian Civil War , Jack was adopted by Solidus Snake, who named him and became his godfather after he killed the former’s parents.

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Plot[ edit ] One evening at Herrington High School in Ohio , several teachers and Principal Drake leave after discussing the school’s budget. When Drake returns to retrieve her keys, Coach Willis becomes increasingly erratic and stabs a pencil through Drake’s hand when she attempts to leave. Olson emotionlessly stabs Drake with scissors as she flees the school.

The following morning, the students arrive, including Casey Connor, the dedicated but perpetually harassed photographer for the school newspaper. Casey is the unappreciated assistant to spiteful Delilah Profitt, the paper’s editor-in-chief and head cheerleader. Delilah’s mistreated boyfriend Stan Rosado is contemplating quitting the football team to pursue academics. Zeke Tyler is an intelligent yet rebellious student repeating his senior year.

Tyler sells, among other illegal items, a powdery ecstasy -like drug he manufactures and distributes; he is confronted by Miss Elizabeth Burke, who expresses concern for him over his illegal activities. Naive transfer student Marybeth Louise Hutchinson, befriends self-styled outcast Stokely Mitchell, who has deliberately spread rumors that she is a lesbian though she has a crush on Stan. Marybeth develops a crush on Zeke.

Casey notices a strange creature and takes it to science teacher Mr. Furlong, who believes it is a new species of cephalopod -specific parasite called a mesozoan.

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Scars hurting, often with importance. Not really a disease. This is the existence of a whole lot of alternate characters in a video game. A patient annoys the doctors and nurses.

Feb 04,  · It has been a challenging stretch for veteran Boston College bench boss Jerry York. York, who became the all-time winningest coach in Division 1 .

It is a nice time for leisure, recreation, and taking ‘er easy Unless you are a Pines A blond and brunet curly man screamed along 2 brunet kids as their golf cart crashed through a giant “Welcome to Gravity Falls” sign. The blond man screamed even louder when he and the girl looked backwards and saw that the monster chasing them was stepping on their toes.

Fortunately for them, it continued working. The blond roared at the monster, shooting at it with a gun. He glanced at the kids. The one shrieking like a little girl was his nephew Dipper and the girl about to puke was his niece Mabel He wondered why he accepted doing this! He was a terrible babysitter! They were in a damn golf cart fleeing from a creature of unimaginable horror! Just because he couldn’t keep them safe! Everything was Sherman’s fault!

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Mum posts video of autistic daughter’s ‘meltdown’ to raise awareness For Marvel fans, the Avengers: Infinity War trailer was a colossal event, featuring — for the first time — the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy in one movie. The monumental event has, unsurprisingly, broken records, becoming the most-watched trailer within a single day of release, wracking up more than million views in 24 hours.

According to Marvel Studios, the Infinity War trailer has accumulated million views across all forms of media.

The largest web novels community in the world. This handsome man with an eyepatch was reading a book on his own. He exuded a bookish beauty that would not be out of place in an anime.

Jerry York still sees the big picture for Eagles Jerry York still sees the big picture for Eagles BC hockey bench boss still in charge despite healing from eye surgery By February 4, It has been a challenging stretch for veteran Boston College bench boss Jerry York. York, who became the all-time winningest coach in Division 1 Dec.

He missed both games against New Hampshire that weekend. He had to have a follow-up procedure Jan. He expects to be back on the ice on or around Feb. I have to be a good patient. Any jarring or a fall, I start all over again. His depth perception has been compromised a little bit as he heals. Despite his limitations, York has had no problem seeing where the Eagles need to improve. Defensively, it has been tough because of the loss of senior blue liner Patch Alber, who has missed the last 11 games with a knee injury.

BC also lost freshman Michael Matheson for two games because of a concussion though he returned against Vermont Friday.

Avengers: Infinity War trailer sets record for most views in a single day

The name knifed across his heart with a pain that was more racking than anything his body had ever been called on to withstand. Diana Gabaldon Jamie, badass highland warrior that he is, kills a red coat with a freaking dirt clod…a dirt clod people. Enjoying a wee whiskey?

Find this Pin and more on Eyepatch idea’s by Gretchen Falls. ‘ Harpiya ‘ by Nemain Ravenwood DeviantArt is the world’s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.

He was angered by the fact that his supposed homeroom teacher, Koichi Kizakura , was once again boozed away and abandoned the class after a new assistant homeroom teacher, Chisa Yukizome entered the class. When Chisa told everyone to go out with her to search for their other classmates, Fuyuhiko refused to and was then threatened by Chisa, stating that she was willing to go to great lengths of teaching, making him impressed by her resolve.

Throughout the day, Fuyuhiko and the others managed to retrieve almost all of the students of Class B. He returned to the class and was asked by Chisa to clean the classroom with the others as she left to retrieve two remaining students. After returning to the classroom, Chisa was happy to see that Fuyuhiko and the others had waited and that the classroom was clean. When the students once again bring up the fact they didn’t have to go to class, so long as they have their talent, Chisa reminded them that talent isn’t everything, and wanted them to build strong relationships and “hope” with each other.

Episode 02 – My Impurest Heart for You Fuyuhiko and his classmates took cover on the other side of the classroom during Akane Owari and Nekomaru Nidai ‘s deadly training session. Fuyuhiko prevented Peko from getting involved in the fight.

Disabled Love Interest

His work is highly admired, and thus, he has a lot of fans and followers. But unlike his success in the professional field, his personal life has been quite a roller coaster ride. He has been married twice and is the father of four children from those two marriages.

The Magic Mike star, 38, and the British pop singer, 30, have been dating for a couple of months, according to one insider. A second source describes the relationship as “new and casual,” according to the entertainment magazine, and that the two are “having fun together.” Channing has.

That has to give a body pause and a good think. That would go a long way I think. Cringy yet Adorable at the same time!! I wonder if this was supposed to happen near the door, where East Asians normally leave their shoes all lined up. Adam Black Stop fishing for compliments and let the man you love suck your cock. Klaus One will do. Klaus It is very understandable that Kyle is nervous.

If he had not hit it off with a stranger like Sameer, small loss. This is his best friend. Making love is going to change their relationship forever. Unless it is just a practical thing, with no feelings involved. If they can pretend that, maybe they can go back to being best friends, if being lovers does not work out. Sapfo Spooky is a really smart guy, hear him out Kyle.

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Michael Leave a comment The oldest known mention of the Ocean of Tears appears in the ancient log of a Captain Eweniel, a high elf paladin who piloted her ship from Wielle to Faydwer during the elven exodus. She also speaks of passing by an island on which a terrible gigantic beast could be seen and its inhuman howls heard, which some believe may in fact be the first known sighting of the Allizewsaur. As the captain gives readings of the journey and describes the locales of various islands passed, it becomes clear she is writing as if her ship was traveling westward.

However, since she leaves the city of Wielle on the eastern coast of Antonica, and arrives on the western shore of Faydwer, it is clearly not possible for her ship to have traveled any direction other than east. Some speculate that the captain intentionally entered errors into her logs to ensure no enemy could ever use them to find the elven refugees.

Scheana Shay and Valletta have been dating since January. She split from husband Michael Shay last November.

As diligently portrayed by Gal Gadot , she leaps tall buildings, deflects bullets with magic wrist-bands and, regardless of the ambient temperature, looks cool and confident in shiny metal hot-pants. But her most remarkable accomplishment may be yet to come. She is certainly off to a more promising start than any of her DC predecessors. Suicide Squad meanwhile faced a double challenge in that a few in the wider public knew who or what a “suicide squad” was and b Jared Leto insisted on commandeering the movie with his method-acting emo-Joker.

Moreover, in this golden age of caped crusaders, who could deny that a film fronted by a female character is long overdue? Marvel has threatened to give Scarlett Johansson a Black Widow spin-off for years.

Eyepatches and falling asleep on a date